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Precast Septic Tanks and Catch Basins
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Drainage & Storm Water Control Concrete Products

Stauffer has the concrete products you need for storm water and drain protection. We manufacture catch basins and grates to protect property against water damage caused by excess rainwater or irrigation. A catch basin is a part of a storm drain or sewer system which is designed to trap debris so that it cannot enter the drainage pipes. Catch basins have a wide sloping inlet which collects runoff, assuring that even when high volumes of water are being dumped into the system, there is minimal overflow. The inlet opens to a pipe which is covered with a grating. The grating traps large debris, preventing it from entering the piping. As water floods the catch basin, small particles which slip through the grate settle to the bottom. Drainage pipes are located above the bottom of this vertical pipe, ensuring that the water which flows into the drains is clear of sediment.

Concrete M Style Inlet Top 36" x 57 1/4" x 8" $245.00
Welded H-20 Bicycle Grate for Concrete M Style Lid $275.00

DOT Style Catch Basins


to 30" Tall
31" to 36" Tall
37" to 42" Tall
43" to 48" Tall

6" Minimum
  Plus $6.00 per inch over the 6" minimum


H-20 Traffic Bearing Manhole Cover & Frame or Grate


26" Round x 36" O.D. Frame $460.00
Cast Iron M-Type Frame & Grate

Garden Box 30" x 30" x 24" High w/ Cast Iron Grate


Mini Tank 36" O.D. x 2'4" Tall Including 4" floor, no holes $165.00

(570) 629 - 1977

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